Bottle sorting at Coca-Cola


Mönchengladbach, Hildesheim



A2 (not necessary if German skills are present)


Women / Men


–        Sort glass bottles by color on the conveyor

–        Ensure that the sorting system runs smoothly

–        Carry out supporting activities


Working hours:

152 hours / month, work in 2 shifts (6-14; 14-22)


13.00 euros / hour. Work on holidays and Sundays is paid additionally (100% and 50%). The salary is transferred to the bank account no later than the 15th bank day of each month. If necessary, pre-payment can be paid in advance (max. 50%) at the end of each month. Working time account will be applied.



Can be provided. Costs are around 13-16 euros / day. Comfortable apartments with all necessary utensils and WiFi. If the workplace is not within walking distance, we can help to organize transport depending on availability: e-scooter, bicycle, car sharing (additional costs may apply).